How to Clean and Maintain Sex Toys Effectively.


Adult toys have increasingly become more widely accepted at daily sexual wellness. Therefore, choose the best sex toys you love most and how to maintain to keep it safe and long lifetime become crucial. In this blog, we will delve into the topic how to effectively clean and maintain the sex toys, from the materials of adult toys manufacturing, exploring the methods of cleaning them effectively to ensure it safety and pleausre.

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Materials and Production of Adult Products:

The materials used in the production of adult sex products mainly include silicone, abs, TPE/TPR, metal, glass etc. Among these, silicone sex toys are the most common considered safer. The reasons behind the limited use of other materials will be discussed in a separate article. Due to the features of silicone materials, exposure to sunlight or a humid environment can lead to degradation and stickiness. This is why it is recommended by manufacturers to store these silicone sex products in conditions away from direct sunlight and in a dry environment. Prior to storage, it is crucial to perform timely and effective cleaning both before and after using these sex toys.

General Cleaning Recommendations

Before discussing specific products, here are some general recommendations applicable to all types of adult sex toys:

  • Read Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations, as certain materials may require specific care instructions.
  • Remove Batteries: If your sex toy is battery included not the contained in, you must be noticed to remove the batteries before cleaning to avoid damaging electronic components.
  • Non-Submersible Toys: For non-waterproof or non-submersible toys, clean the surface with a damp cloth using mild soap or a sex toy cleaner.
  • Silicone-Based Lubricants: If using silicone-based lubricants on silicone toys, clean the toy immediately after use, as silicone lubricants may degrade silicone toys over time.
  • Hand Wash: Gently hand wash your intimate toys with warm water and mild, unscented soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they may cause irritation.
  • Drying: Allow your intimate toys to air-dry completely before storage. If necessary, pat them dry with a clean towel, avoiding excessive rubbing.

Recommended Accessories for Cleaning Sex Toys

Here are some suggested sex accessories for cleaning your toys:

  1. Antibacterial Toy Cleaner: Specifically designed for effective cleaning and disinfection of intimate toys, these cleaners are usually alcohol-free, non-irritating, and safe for most materials. We recommend Abena Wet Wipes for their effectiveness and convenience.

  2. Gentle Soap and Water: For non-electronic and non-submersible toys, mild soap and warm water are a good alternative. Ensure thorough rinsing to remove all soap residue.

  3. UV-C Disinfectant: Some intimate toy cleaners incorporate UV-C disinfectors, using ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and microbes. This is particularly useful for porous toys that may be challenging to clean.

  4. Boiling Water: Heat-resistant toys made of silicone, glass, or impermeable materials can be sterilized by boiling them in water for a few minutes.

  5. Disinfecting Wipes: For on-the-go or quick clean-ups, consider using alcohol-free, body-safe disinfecting wipes designed for intimate toys.


There are already so mant sex toys on market, and honestly speacking it is not so easy to meet the right one, bringing not only the body wellness but also the mind blowing orgasm, you could also delve into more from this guide, so if you are lucky to have one, keep it a perfect maintaining with expand its lifetime to accompany with you. Pay more attention on cleaning and maintaining then you will also experience a satisfying and healthy sexual wellness.

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