Best Prostate Massager for Beginners

This is a somewhat decent anal vibrator/ prostate massager that appears to be reasonably well-constructed and for the most part works just fine for beginners. It's easily bendable and quite flexible around the neck; however that also makes it slightly inconvenient for initial insertion just as all others with similar style (i.e. with flexible necks). It supports magnetic charging, which is great and that's exactly what I believe how sex toys should be charged at this point in time.

best prostate massage toy for beginners

It's made with some type of silicone material and the vibrator/massager is for the most part entirely covered with it with the exception of the bottom portion that's made of hard plastic which is puzzling to me because I fail to see why the entire vibrator can't be covered in silicone instead. In any case, it works just fine as is.

best small prostate massager

The vibrator is of decent length but it's somewhat small with respect to the circumference/girth; however, it should just be fine for beginners. It has the typical 10 modes to choose from but it has NO intensity levels despite the fact it claims to have in the manual, which is a bit disappointing to see to say the least. It has no memory function so it'll always reset to the default mode when it's powered on.

Btw, the 10 modes different than most others in that the first 3 modes aren't the usual static ones with increasing intensity; 9 of 'em dynamic and one (9th) is the static/always-on mode that most people are familiar with.

≡ Value
All things considered, this is a somewhat decent beginner prostate vibrator or massager that seems well-constructed and for the most part works just fine especially for beginners; however, it's not nearly as effective for those who aren't new to 'em because it's fairly small in comparison to most others and the vibrating strength, albeit adequate for the most part, isn't at all impressive as anticipated. It's somewhat reasonably priced at $29 for what it provides and its overall build quality, usability, and performance. Your mileage might vary.

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